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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this system lead game wardens right to me?

Maybe so, but I would rather they walk directly into my area, check to make sure I am legally hunting and leave as quick as possible versus disrupting the quiet of the woods until they finally come upon me. Everyone has a job to do. Conservation officers not only serve and protect the legal hunters, they are also charged with serving and protecting the wildlife we legally go in search of every season.

I hunt private property, so how is this limb hanging system going to benefit me?

Every hunter loves to hunt private property. The problem is a lot of those hunters do not have permission to be there. Trespassers are a burden for property owners, as well as conservation officers. Deploying these "HUNTER AHEAD" limb hanger signs along boundary lines where you hunt will lessen the chance of coming in contact with a illegal hunter and interrupting your private hunt. This system will not stop trespassing, but it will keep them moving away from your area. This also means less calls for service to conservation officers. As hunters, we are aware other possible injuries can occur like falls from tree stands etc. By deploying this hunt safe system, first responders can reach an injured hunter faster with a more direct route.

Will the bright colors from these limb hangers be an alerting signal to wildlife and possibly a deterrent for a successful hunt?

No, deer are color-blind. Less human interruption leads to a successful hunt. So throw caution to the limb on your next hunt outing.
This Limb Hanger product was designed and constructed to have the Highest Visibility, and Durability for every hunting situation and season. 


Some of us, at one time, have been that hunter who unknowingly walked into another hunters already quieted area. Bringing in a different scent and noise. Which lessens their chance for a successful day's hunt. The S.H.O.T. Limb Hanger System 
better establishes a hunter's perimeter by helping warn other hunters of your presence in an area. 
Less human interaction and lessening the chance for a firearm accident is worth taking a S.H.O.T. 
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